Thai Furniture Industry Club was formed in 1978 to represent furniture manufacturer member of The Federation of Thai Industries. Two men were responsible for its formation. They are Mr.Ar-non Changtrakul and the late Executive Director of The Federation of Thai Industries, Mr.Ah-ram Kotikul. The Ex-Chairmen of Thai Furniture Industry Club were Mr.Ar-non Changtrakul (1978-1979), Mr.Vandi Hutasingha (1980-1981), Mr.Kitti Trakarnsakdikul (1982-1987), Mr.Aree Poosomboon (1988-1993), Mr.Decha koopthavonrerk (1994-2003), Mr.Manapol Poosomboon (2004-2007), Mr.Vongkot Tangsubkul (2008-2009), Mr.Verachai Kunavichavanont (2010-2013), Mr.Chaiyong Pongsuthimanus (2013-Present)